Burger Bound... Handcrafted Organic Burgers

We are a burger restaurant serving only organic meat and fresh ingredients in burgers, salads, shakes, great house made desserts and more. Enjoy our fresh foods, our amazing ambiance, as well as the fun atmosphere, where you and your friends and family, can eat and hang out.

Here at Burger Bound we offer more than the best-tasting burgers around. We also provide great music, TVs, indoors and outdoors seating, so you enjoy even more when visiting our restaurant.

With years of experience in the business, the owners of Burger Bound are proud to introduce their new concept, and to keep their reputation of outstanding service, and delicious food, made only with the freshest high-quality products.

Contact Burger Bound for more about our delicious organic burgers and menu.


For deliveries in Newark (Ironbound section only) 973.732.9750